Fantastic Foxgloves

A few years ago my Dad and I stumbled upon a wonderful sea of foxgloves that covered steep slopes in the Forest of Dean. We have been hoping to see the same fantastic foxglove haze again.

Mum and Dad were out in a drive and they found them again at an area called Dancing Green.

These foxgloves were really tall and were growing through the entire woods as far as the eye could see.

On then to a favourite area of mine in the Forest called wigpool. Part of this area has had a lot of trees cut down and is open and sunny. These foxgloves were short and filled the open ground.

The week before I had been in Norfolk at Holkham beach. Along the back of the dunes there is an open woodland of pine and Holme oak. Foxgloves were making an appearance here too.

Foxgloves are a favourite flower for bees and there were plenty buzzing in and out in the sun.

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