Literally Rubbish builders

These coots were spotted in West London on a section of canal. They have a nest which is literally built from the rubbish tossed into the canal. It is a construction of plastic bags and plastic and paper. This film shows the coot grabbing what looks like a Mac Donald’s bag and at high speed taking it to the nest platform with the other adult and chicks. Just previous to this video the coot had already dragged two plastic bags to the nest area.

This Nest should be made from reeds sticks and leaves. It is sad to see the amount of rubbish discarded . The birds have used it successfully and built a functioning nest. You have to admire their ability.

Problems caused by the rubbish apart from floating in the canal include, the chemicals seeping into the water and the danger of birds eating the plastic or even feeding small parts to their young.

Think about litter , take it home ! Recycle ! Keep it out of the environment.

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